Lycaste Hybrid

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The plant will be sent NOT in bloom

The photo of the flower is indicative

  • Many Lycaste are deciduous and will lose their leaves in the winter to early summer months. It is not unusual if the leaf tips to turn brown before the leaves fall off.
  • These orchids enjoy a moist growing medium at all times. The media should never go “bone dry”. A fine spray over the foliage, in addition to pot watering, is beneficial during sunny weather. Observe the pseudobulbs – as long as they are full and plump, you are watering correctly. If they are shriveled, you may be under watering, or the roots may be rotting from over watering. Keep the plant slightly dry between watering from November through January. Resume normal watering once you see flower spikes beginning to form to encourage their development, which typically occurs between January and March.

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