Orchid for passion

My name is Andrea Martina and my passion for orchids began at the age of 14. Orchidable was born in 2016, the result of my passion turned into a business. Orchidable it’s not only a center for sales, but also a reference point for every orchid enthusiast. My company is in touch with many European, Asian and American producers and is able to offer the highest quality plants and special rare cultivars.

Orchid courses

It is possible to enroll in cultivation courses where it will be possible to clarify doubts and curiosities about orchids as well as learn home cultivation techniques and learn repotting practices. Course dates can be found in the news section and are divided by season.

Orchid-sitter service

With the Orchid-sitting service you can have all the necessary care for your plants while you are away or if you see that they are suffering. You can leave your orchids in the greenhouse for as long as you want, they will receive all the care they need and look greener when you take them back.

Repotting service

You should know that orchids need to be repotted every year, depending on the cultivar. With the repotting service you can bring your orchids to Orchidable’s greenhouse, where they will be repotted bringing many benefits to your plant making it grow well and healthy.

Set up for interiors and events

Plants are scientifically demonstrated to help people feel better at home and in the office. They improve mood, purify the air and productivity. Orchidable has chosen to include in its services the opportunity to provide you with plants to decorate your offices, reception areas, entrance or any environment that has beauty and health needs.

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