Neofinetia falcata ‘Seto No Tsurugi’

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The plant will sent not in bloom

The photo of the flower and the plant is indicative

  • Rare variety of Neofinetia falcata
  • Starting with 1 vegetation
  • Is a very unusual variety of fukiran.  The leaves are almost terete, pointy on the ends, and somewhat speckled.  The individual growths are slightly to very twisted and bent.  The tsuke (where the leaf meets the central axis) looks braided–this was one of the first things that struck me about the plant.  The braid is accentuated by dark coloration.  It’s a very striking little plant.
  • How to grow mounted: wet when dry, spray water every day, and once a week soak the whole plant in water for a few minutes

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