Exclusive Collector

CHF 200.00

*Rare Package*

Designed for true collectors and long-time enthusiasts, this package offers rare and spectacular orchids, both potted and mounted on wood, for an exotic and sophisticated touch.


  • Orchids:
    2 non-flowering orchids mounted on wood (e.g., Aerangis, Bulbophyllum),
    1 potted flowering orchid (e.g., Paphiopedilum, Cattleya),
    1 potted non-flowering orchid (e.g., Brassavola),
    1 non-flowering orchid suspended with free roots (e.g., Vanda).
  • Fertilizer: Two bottles of OrchidFocus.
  • Price: CHF 200 (shipping included).

The listed plants are examples and the varieties depend on availability in the greenhouse.

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