Angraecum elephantinum

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The plant will sent NOT in bloom

The photo of the flower and the plant is indicative

  • How to grow mounted: wet when dry, spray water every day, and once a week soak the whole plant in water for a few minutes
  • Commonly known as the ‘Gigantic Angraecum’ based on how large its flower is relative to the size of the orchid.This epiphytic species is native to Madagascar where it blooms in the fall to winter season with nocturnally fragrant flowers.

    These orchids like being watered & fertilized thoroughly during the growing period, with time left to dry between watering. In the late winter to early spring, these hardy epiphytes require a reduction in watering frequency, however, if leaves begin to show signs of shriveling, adjust watering frequency up incrementally to remedy this.

  • Likes movement of air to avoid fungus problems

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